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-Time may be slightly extended due to this being posted so late. Maybe.
-Dragon OCs are allowed, along with dragons from the WoF books. UwU


Hey there! Sorry this is so late :,)
This is my first time arranging this and I'm still figuring this all out.

This month's theme isss...

Character Fusions!

Make a fusion of two or more dragons! Don't forget to give them a name!


:bulletblack: No sexual themes or cuss words in the artwork. Seriously.
:bulletblack: No offensive or ideologically sensitive material.
:bulletblack: All of us are artists so please no rude or excessive criticism on anyone's work. If the artist asks for feedback, however, then that's different. Remember that everyone has different skill levels.
:bulletblack: The piece must have been created and submitted this month.
:bulletblack: The piece MUST have the word "Contest" either in the title or the description and the description must say that it's for the "FanWings Contest". Otherwise, it's hard for me to figure out if you intended it for the contest or just for the group.

Entries are due July 30th!

Failure to abide by these rules will result in your piece being disqualified. No exceptions.

Have fun making your fused dragons, FanWings!

Happy flying! (As MoonFreeze would say UwU) :la:

~ Echo
I accidentally put two 4s. ^^;

Hello my fellow FanWings!

Voting Rules:
Here's how voting is going to work:
:bulletblack: Below this journal, leave ONE comment stating which piece you would like to win. Please state the number of the piece and either the title or the artist (so that there's no confusion).
:bulletblack: Please do not vote for your own piece. I feel like that's pretty self explanatory. If you do, your vote will not be counted
:bulletblack: On May 8th, I will make a new journal to showcase the winner. That person will receive 10 points from me or another admin.

:bulletblack: 1. Prince kisses (Contest Entry) by SkySplatter5
(Winter and Qibli)
Prince kisses (Contest Entry) by SkySplatter5

:bulletblack: 2. WinterXQibli by CanaryFeather
(Winter and Qibli)
WinterXQibli by CanaryFeather

:bulletblack: 3. Squish by CobraCatDragon2898
(Meekness and Feather)
Squish by CobraCatDragon2898

:bulletblack: 4. CE For FanWings-FoxFlake by Moonfreeze79
(Snowflake and Snowfox)
CE For FanWings-FoxFlake by Moonfreeze79

:bulletblack: 5. Kindred Spirits, Melting Hearts by X-MerlinMilvus-X
(Snowflake and Snowfox)
Kindred Spirits, Melting Hearts by X-MerlinMilvus-X

:bulletblack: 6. June contest for Fanwings by Dragonfire0316
(Winter and Qibli)
June contest for Fanwings by Dragonfire0316

:bulletblack: 7. May I have this dance? CE by Wolfox-the-Icewing
(Winter and Qibli)
May I have this dance? CE by Wolfox-the-Icewing

The July contest is coming out soon.

Strong wind
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WoF custom box YCH auction OPEN by WolfiiWiingz
For Reborn With love
Come Fly With Me by theawesome101

Welcome FanWings!

To join, please press the Join Group button above!


:bulletblue: No harassing each other. We don't want the scavengers to find your body do we?

:bulletblue: All dragons of Pyrrhia are welcome!

:bulletblue: Submissions! Please submit into the right folder! You can submit to multiple folders, but make sure it is relevant! Remember, your tribe must stick together! Also, please do not submit to the featured folder. If it is because you cannot access the needed folder, please contact an admin and we will move it for you.

:bulletblue: Be creative and don't steal other's art! Yes, this is a fan group, just don't be taking other art from other FanWings.

:bulletblue: if someone DOES steal your art and we have proof that they did (aka date) then we will remove the art and the person from the group.

:bulletblue: don't be afraid to ask any questions, and if you want someone to upload your art! An admin will be sure to upload it. We welcome all artwork, no matter skill.

:bulletblue: Have fun. Make friends from other tribes. Leave some friendly criticism for their art.

:bulletblue: We have monthly contests that are run by ShimmerRainWing Be sure to check her out! If you have any questions about the contests, don't be afraid to ask her about it!

:bulletblue: If you want to help FanWings, please donate to the founder's account (*cough Moonfreeze79 *cough), the contest admin (*cough ShimmerRainWing *cough), or the co-contest admin (*cough @ fearfnaf360x *cough). We need points so we can award contest winners.

:bulletblue: Some people helped me figure out how to make it so Members can now add art into every folders. The only two folders that you can't add deviations to is Featured and Past Contests. Featured entries are subject to vote and Past Contests is taken out to avoid confusion.

Thank you! :D

Founder: Moonfreeze79





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Of course! ^^
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